Why are people cautious or skeptical in joining programs

From Michael Ladd a blogger
Wow I have spoken to so many people in the last couple of days and they have said to me…. I have joined so many businesses and my sponsor has never spoke to me once, nor have they given me any support and training. It really blows me away and I guess that is the main cause of failure out there along with a few other things I see people doing. If you are in network marketing your people are your business and they should be put first. You will have success when you teach and train your frontline properly, after all it’s all about duplication, so if your people are left in the dark guess what, your business fails and this is why people jump from one program to another and never make any money and bottom line that spells failure. I also see many that are in business online and don’t even take the time to educate themselves, on the program or what it takes to earn in that program. To many people get sucked in from hype and lies and pushing a product or having an autoship. Really where has that got you up until now. Bottom line people should do their homework before joining a program. Do you think wealthy people just jump all over the place and not get the facts. NO. Wealthy people look at the business model and ask only 3 questions. And make smart business decisions.
1) How much is it to join?
2) What do I need to do?
3) How much can I earn?
They want to know straight up if it is worth their time and money. People really need to learn to do the math and study the payplan, if it is complicated to you with a ton of qualifications chances are many will not be able to do it. Is the pay plan fair and equal to all, and the most important question is this … are you able to tell people exactly what they will earn with X amount of people on their team. Most the time the company or your sponsor cannot give you a guarantee, they will tell you it just depends on all the qualifications. And with an autoship every month and your people not in profit they will only do this for so long then they will quit and be onto another program. Does this sound familiar?
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