That’s It – I Quite! Screw the Guru

Making money via online is quite tough.  However, if you know its secrets, you can get what you really want. As a blogger, you should the different ways on how to get more traffic. If not, you will be left out. In online business, you need to focus on how to attract your possible customers. One way to do this is to generate more traffic. How can you do it?

Like you, I am also a blogger. Though I find it hard to know the secrets of blogging and high search engine rankings, I am so determine to reach my goals – to earn more! The secret to earn more money via online is to know what guru does.  After knowing these little secrets, you don’t have to be relaxed. Therefore, you need to do what other experts do.

To earn more money, what actions will you take? Let’s start! First, you have to visit your social networking site. Then, make sure that you are always active. Do this through joining in several forums. You can also make posts about your preferred topics.  However, you just don’t keep on joining in any forum. You also need to create your own.

After creating your own blog, you don’t need to stop there. You also need to have some public forums via WordPress or any related site. After that, start creating your traffic site.  To do this, you need to start a text ad exchange.  If you are not using this text ad exchange, you are certainly not restricted in your selections.  As an option, you can start a surf exchange traffic website. Just buy a traffic exchange script from Ventrino. This script often ranges between $100 and $500, depending on your preferred features. If you don’t want these options, you can buy a safelist script. It has a cost of $200 for every website license. Through owning these traffic building websites, you have a chance to work with other online marketers.

After owning a traffic exchange, what will be the next? Now, you need to go to other traffic exchange owners. Then, you can offer them some free upgrades in exchange for your website marketing.  Through building a partnership, you will save less time in building your website traffic. You will just realize that you have a high traffic after a few months. AS a result, you can have more customers and earn great amount of cash. You can achieve this since most people prefer to sign-up for your traffic sites. These people also want commissions and get referrals from various users. For additional guide, here are the different essential rules to earn more and start quitting your day job:

  • You need to be passionate with work. It means that you should invest enough time to ensure that you will get a successful result.
  • You need to own the sites that generate more traffic. Using third party sites will take much of your time. But, you will have no power for building partnerships.
  • You have to build partnerships.  In online business, you will reach successful results if you have business partners.
  • Remember that you don’t need excessive traffic on a single site. It is best to have a few traffics from multiple sites.


What are you waiting for? Don’t just sit back and relax! Start doing what guru does and expect lucrative results!

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