How Is Your Sponsor Modeling The Prospecting Process ?


Are you happy with your prospecting training in your Network Marketing Company?

Learning the best prospecting skills is the most difficult part for many when we join a network marketing business. The failure to follow up, the ability to start a habit of working from home, and the phone skills and book keeping records needed bring many to failure. How Is Your Sponsor Modeling The Prospecting Process?

Does your sponsor help your prospecting skills?

Your sponsor has the opportunity to assist your prospecting skills and direct you to the information needed in your network marketing company. But the company must have a system in place in order for anyone to succeed. The fail safe systems require us to get to the trainings and learn them. But our sponsor may not exhibit enough skill to get you the information you need to succeed in your opportunity. Sad to say but for many it’s the blind leading the blind. Is your prospecting ability making your wealthy? Team building is vital when joining a direct sales company. Developing leadership skills is the most important part of running your home business.
Without the disciplines in place, failure is inevitable. Your prospecting is keeping you from having the wealth you want in the first 90 days of your network marketing business.

Most people give up within 3 months of joining a network marketing company.

There is hope for the average person who will take time to develop skills. Joining a company and having your own business must be seen as a 3-5 year project. Just hopping on board a company is like jumping onto a canoe heading down stream. Without oars, balance and direction, you’re headed for the “falls of failure and disappointment”. Over half the prospecting you do makes you no money. This can look disappointing temporarily. 60% of all businesses fail within the first 90 days due to poor prospecting. But thankfully, with time, we can learn the skills of leadership in business.

What Does Your Prospecting Look Like?

What to do when your prospecting skills are poor?

When you have no experience in the business world, learning to prospect must be given it’s due diligence. Self development skills, belief, self confidence, having a chief aim or intention, and learning how to keep that intention before you must become routine.

Imagine your prospecting skills steadily increasing before you feel a need to give up Network Marketing.

When you decide to join a network marketing or direct sales company, remember that the personal development available is the most important part that you need. Having a supportive team with great mentors is vital. Your part is to be teachable. Without that teachability, you fall back into your old ways of poverty and victimhood. Does Your Prospecting Attract The Right People

See yourself creating that wealthy lifestyle while increasing your prospecting ability.

There are some things to do to help yourself now to find a sponsor and company you can trust to help you make money in your network marketing company • Get referrals from someone you know, like and trust, before you join a company. • Within the first 30 days of joining, study the back office and see what is in place to help you learn what you need to succeed. • Ask your sponsor what system is in place and who is available to talk to if your sponsor can’t answer your questions. • Join a company you can relate to naturally. • Decide ahead of time that you will give yourself the time to develop your skills of leadership and salesmanship over time. Many take 3-5 years to learn well and create the income desired. • Join a company with a proven track record, a AAA rating, a trending product or service, and owners who’s families have been successful in past industries. Leadership Prospecting Creates Wealth To live a lifestyle of the rich and famous, we must change the way we look at life, the way we look at people, and the way we see ourselves. Prospecting can be learned and with an investment in yourself and your company’s system, you can learn what is necessary to prosper financially. To be a good leader in a network marketing company and become rich, we must read, listen and learn from mentors, and others who have achieved the success we are after. Be careful who you listen to. Not all leaders are good. Read good books, listen to the masters of business success like Napoleon Hill, Wallace Waddles, James Allen, Abraham Hicks among others. These greats have spent years teaching millions tried and true methods of leadership success. Your sponsor should be aware of these coaches, trainers, books and products. As prospecting is the key to wealth, so is your teachability to become a leader others are willing to follow.

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