Best friend

There is a story in “Chicken Soup for the Soul” that I could not forget. It is the talk from a wife describing her husband. His name is Mike. He is most unromantic person she knows. He reached for her hand once since they have been married. He was lying in a hospital bed waiting for surgery and fearing he might die. He is the inspiration for the story about the woman who said to her husband on their anniversary: “Honey, we’ve been married forty years and since our wedding you have never said I love you.” The husband replied, “I said it once and if anything changes I’ll let you know.” All he says is that she is his best friend. He does all the vacuum work because the doctor says it will hurt her back. These are enough for a true love. This is what we need for our business, a true trusted advisor.

Telling your customers about the solution is the best way to build the trust on them. The customers come to you when they have a problem. They just want to solve it. They do not care about how cool the products are. They care about their problems. I really hate the advertisement when going to buy something. It is really annoying when the shop owners just want to talk about the products. If I have a question related to my problems, they give me a link to read. They do not even want to answer me. At the end of the day, they are the one who lose profit. The customers just want it to be simple and quick. They just want to do the minimum work like clicking a few buttons or something like that. All they want is solving their problems. So, if we tell them about the solution, they are going to listen to us. It is easy. We tell them about the complicated things about solving their problems, how many steps it is going to take. Then, we can talk about our products. With that product, how easy it is to solve. It may require fewer steps. The customers do not deal with frustration when they have to do it by themselves lacking experience. Clearly, telling the customers the solution is the best way to build the trust on them.

We really want to get rid of the price competition in this business. Nowadays, when going to the shop looking at identical products, the only thing to distinguish them is the price. The customers want to buy the cheapest products. So, how can we earn profit if we lower the price? How can we have the lowest price in the competition? It is all about probability. We really want to earn profit. We need money to cover the cost. It is easy, raise the price. The low price strategy is only for the one who could not build the trust. They do not have the high quality products. The low price can only produce the lost. Customers do not get the expected results, producers lose their investment. People only buy from the one they trust. They trust us if we produce the solutions to their problems. It is a powerful way to raise the profit.

Being a trusted advisor is the best way to increase the profit. The customers only buy from the people they trust. If we can provide the solutions to their problems, they are going to buy from us. In that case, we can raise the price to increase the profit.


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