Basic SEO: Raising the Search Engine Rankings Potentially


From Michael Ladd

For so many times, I was asked with the question, “How do I get more traffic to my site?” For this reason, I had written this topic to help you understand and determine the essential things to consider. This way, you will be able to answer your questions in mind with a complete explanation. There are actually many important things to consider helping you increase the search engine ranking of your site or business.

In fact, these factors are separated into categories for you to understand well what I am telling you. Take a look at these categories and apply what you are going to learn from it:

Title Tags

Your title must have keyword phrases and keywords since they are highly essential to your website. We have been recommending the enough character numbers of 60 for the tag. Whenever you count these characters, always bear in mind to consider the spaces also. Aside from that, your title should also be appealing to all types of readers. Otherwise, they will leave the page and look for other sources to provide what they need.


Another important category that you should not forget is the description. We are recommending the maximum characters’ number of 150 for this particular tag. When your description exceeded to 150 characters, it will just get cut off. For this reason, it might count against your website that has been listed on the top of search engines. You may even repeat the keywords you applied in the title through third party and in the proper sentence. Do not use Myself, I, Me, etc.


For this tag, the recommended maximum count for the characters is 250. When it exceeded, it is already considered as spamming. Make these keywords focused on what your website is all about. Never think that if you applied different keywords assortment, your website becomes the best seller.

Keyword nesting

This is the term that is being applied when searching to emphasize the sequence wherein the operations will be accomplished. Enclosing of words through parenthesis can identify a “nest” or a group. These groups may be included within some other groups as well. The operation that you are going to perform should be from innermost to outermost nest, from left going to right.

Keyword nesting has been nesting the top five most essential keywords in a html page where the public can see. Make use of keywords that you already used in the description and title.

Head Tags (Head or Header of HTML documents)

These are the topmost part of your HTML code source behind the Web pages that starts with and ends with. This may contain keyword fields, title description and other things that your webpage author can use for describing the page.

Anchor Links

These have been the most significant html tags which your website needed in order to obtain page rank in the search engine especially in msn and Google.

These are simple considerations for you to achieve the top website ranking. Make sure that you will expand your learning about these things.



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