A Warning Letter To The Shady Gurus

Dear Shady Gurus, We are writing this letter to you today to let you know…WE ARE ON TO YOU!
The GREED TRIGGERS you’ve been using in your marketing… The pics of flashy cars, houses, and vacations spots… The headlines like “Never Cold Call Again”, “Create Immediate Cashflow” “Build Your Business On Autopilot” Shame on you! You were supposed to be a trusted adviser, at least that’s what you “sold” yourself as. Understand, WE now “get” that GREED and other emotional triggers are just a short lived, mental drug… anesthesia if you will, that you’ve been using to entice us in our time of struggle.
You see, we’ve been educating ourselves and we know that emotional triggers can be a good thing when used ethically and with integrity to persuade people to get the help they need because sometimes an extra push in the right direction is necessary… But guess what, the GREED trigger you’ve been using on us…yeah, we’ll admit, you got us to be GREEDY for a season.
It’s human nature to look for the easy way. We bought your newest SHINY OBJECT…and your next one, and your next one…and your next one because you said it would “help” us and WE trusted you. But after thousands of dollars spent and the SHINY OBJECTS not getting us any farther down the promised road of success with our respective businesses… And the SHINY OBJECTS not doing what you said they would do… They didn’t generate the MASS amounts of LEADS, they didn’t put our business on autopilot, they didn’t get us TOP rankings on GOOGLE, hell…they didn’t even relinquish us from talking to people on the telephone.
What they did do however, was temporarily inspire us into action because they kept us in a constant learning mode, which kept us busy and our minds off of our real problems… Remember those? Our real problems? The ones you said you had solutions for? Well… WE are BRIGHT people and have figured out… The only solution you had for us was an AGENDA. The AGENDA to keep your pockets lined with our money and make us angry at our own companies in hopes of us joining yours. Anyway, it’s all good now because YOU and the deceitful way you’ve been using emotional TRIGGERS on us have been EXPOSED and… Our temporary, inspired actions are gone now… and so are we… we’ve moved on to better places and are heading down the road less traveled! So in closing, let us say… Your form of GLUTTONY will keep you on a continuous tread mill… And as news spreads of your ways…and bad news travels fast… The struggling prey you once fed on will be educated by us, The Bright Ones.
The ones who can THINK for themselves… The ones whose only AGENDA is to help our fellow man who has dreams and goals to achieve. So good luck with what you do… We sincerely wish you the best… because we know… LIKE attracts LIKE and out here on the internet… It’s A SMALL WORLD Afterall…

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